About Bentley Electronic Systems

Bentley Electronic Systems is the continuation of a family business that dates back to 1952. Arthur Bentley started Bentley Radio Service, which repaired house radios, car radios, phonographs, etc., and installed car audio systems.

Bob Bentley, BES owner, learned the electronics business from Arthur, his father, and those basics skills guide him today. Bob earned his first occupational license, the R1 – Certified Electronic Technician in 1972. In 1974, the business moved to the Bentley’s home town of Glastonbury, CT and featured home audio systems and commercial audio/public address systems.

When Arthur Bentley retired, Bob went on his own, founding a company named Autofidelity, which specialized in high-end automotive audio and security systems. His reputation and business was built from integrity, honesty, and cutting-edge-knowledge. The shop featured carpeted installation bays, for his clients exotic vehicles.

Bob was busy during these years. He was a nationally published author for industry trade and consumer magazines. Bob even wrote an article for Stereo Review, now Sound and Vision magazine. During this time Bob was on the Board of Directors of the auto sound industry trade group, CASA. On that Board was the owner of Directed Electronics, Mr. Darrel Issa, yes, the same Darrell Issa that is now a US Congressman from California. Also, for CASA, Bob wrote a good chunk of the MECP Study Guide for autosound installers around the country. This guide was used to study for the National Exams.

Bob was invited to most of the industries top manufacturers training programs. They would have him in to evaluate the course, then write an article about it.

When the automotive sound industry market changed, Bob exited the autosound business to concentrate solely on residential and commercial audio/video systems. It is work he has a passion for, and the intent is to furnish the best quality work and equipment for his clients projects.

About Bob Bentley, President Bentley Electronic Systems

Bob Bentley is a member and Past President of the Glastonbury Rotary Club. He is a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation) and holds the following industry certifications:

  • CEDIA Level III certified
  • ISF certified calibrator
  • COMPtia A+, Network +, HTI+, Security + certified
  • Microsoft MCSE (NT4) certified
  • Numerous MCP certifications
  • Numerous industry trainings and certifications
  • State of CT licensed C5, Low voltage electrical contractor