Which home security system is best for my family?

home security installation

There are many home security systems available on the market today, from do-it-yourself hobbyist “toys” to professionally monitored systems. How do you know which solution will be best for your family? Understandably, many towns in Connecticut are rated very safe. The biggest threat comes from crimes of opportunity. The following are all open invitations for thieves:

  • Open garage doors
  • unlocked exterior doors
  • unlocked car or
  • a car left running in the driveway

The first method of prevention is to always lock your home and your car, and to keep valuables out of sight. The second method is to install a home security system.

Below is an overview of some of the more popular home security systems:

  • Ring-type and other DIY installations typically are wireless and rely on a continuous wifi connection. Anyone who has had their favorite streaming program cut off during a storm will realize that a wireless system is not constant. And that opens the user up to unwanted security risks.
  • Professionally monitored services are expensive to have installed, and the monthly fees can really add up. In addition, you typically are only renting the hardware.
  • Bentley Electronic Systems installed security systems are hard wired for gap-free protection, and are installed by professionals. Bentley only recommends the very best hardware systems, and he can review the benefits and drawbacks of all of your options. Once purchased, the system is yours to keep. There are no monthly leasing fees.

In addition, while there to install the home security system needed to keep you family and your possessions safe, Bentley Electronic Systems can also install smart home automation features. These features can control your lighting, heating/cooling and blinds. They help a home look occupied while you are away, adding another layer of security. AND…by having all of the wiring done at the same time, homeowners can realize a healthy savings.

You can learn more about our security systems at: https://bentleysystems.us/smart-home-automation/#cameras