What Makes a Shade Smart?


Transparent Smart shades

Motorized, Elegant, Smart Shades

Smart shades and blinds allow you to have complete control of your shades at any time of the day – while you are in-home, or remotely. Motorized shades or blinds can be operated by an in-home touch screen, an ipad or cell phone, or using voice controls. Bentley Electronic Systems offers several smart shade brands to provide you with a variety of innovative options, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. There are different fabric options, transparency options, mounting options, and control device options. Smart shades offer:

Wireless remote

  • Simple or Advanced Programming
  • Shades can be managed individually or in groups

Automation system

  • Seamless
  • Integration possibilities to most smart home systems on the market, including Lutron, Control 4, Crestron, and many others, even Alexa!

Cost Saving

  • These blinds can help regulate the temperature in your home by blocking the sun at certain times of the day, or letting it in at other times, helping cut down on the amount of air conditioning or heating you might need. Smart blinds can also be set to an automated schedule.

Design Considerations

  • Mounting: Do you prefer the hardware mounted inside the window, or outisde the window?
  • Transparency: Shades typically come in blackout, transparent, and sheer varieties, depending on how much privacy and light blocking you want for a particular room or space.
  • Color: Chose the shade you prefer and what works best for your interior design.
  • Finish: Smooth or textured, select the fabric that best complements your living space

to see some of the options available to you!

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