Throwing Some Light on the Subject – Outdoor Lighting Benefits and Styling Tips

When considering outdoor lighting for your home, there are many tantalizing options and it can become overwhelming. The ideal way to start is to simply take a walk around your property at dusk and early evening and make a list of areas you would like more lighted.

Take a look at your front entrance, decks and patios. You want to consider the look as someone approaches your home, as well as your view from inside the home. For instance, adding lighting to create a focal point at the back end of your property can extend your view and make your property appear more spacious.

    backyard landscape lighting    ambient lighting

Lighting the front of your home and the path leading to the front door can increase curb appeal and even increase the value of your home.

Keep in mind safety, using light to differentiate changes in ground level or surface (grass vs stone areas), as well as illuminating steps and pathways.

Adding ground-level swaths of light across an open area, paired with decorative lighting around trees and plants that cast interesting shadows, and highlighting stonework and water features can create depth and layers and be used to dramatic effect.


Just remember, too many competing lights can result in discord and possibly even a blinding glare.

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