Network Infrastructure Setup

network infrastructure setup installation services ctThe most exciting and fastest growing technology today is digital communications. With the rapid growth in convergence of digital media and online content, you can no longer assume your home will be able to take advantage of all this technology. Make sure it is by using the proper wiring.

Bentley Systems specializes in installing data grade wiring networks to “future proof” your home. Whether you are a casual or experienced internet user, or if your plans include a new home office, we can provide the wiring, connections and hardware to prepare you for cyberspace.

Our wiring networks can provide your home with multi-line telephone or telephone system capability, cable, satellite or both with the proper jacks to take advantage of multi-room DVR’s, broadband Ethernet networks to share printers, files or media content, audio/video distribution methods and other useful features.

We also provide high-end phone services, with multiple lines, data/voice capabilities and a variety of useful features