Introducing the VAIL Amp

Install the ultimate multi-zone system today!

vail amp
The VAIL amp by TDG is an ingenious way to listen to music in your home or office. If you have in wall volume controls, replace them with the VAIL amp. This device houses an Amazon Echo Dot (2nd or 3rd generation) and ties it to an integral 30 watt per channel amplifier that can connect to existing in ceiling or in wall speakers. There is also provision to add a subwoofer to each room!

You can add as many as you need, and each amp/room would be its own zone, meaning something different can be playing in every room. And, being an Echo Dot, every room is voice controlled! You can say “Alexa, play the Beatles on SiriusXM”, and off you go! You can replace existing in wall volume controls, utilizing the existing wiring! No running wiring- its all there!

Can also be used for new construction. Rough-in rings are available for pre-wiring.

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