How to Use the Apple Watch with Honeywell Security Total Connect 2.0

honeywell securityHoneywell Security recently launched the Total Connect Apple Watch app for all users of the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 platform. The app increases the ways consumers can access their security systems, increasing the value of the platform you’re selling.

The Apple Watch app allows a user to quickly and conveniently check the status of their system directly from their wrist, without having to pull their phone out and log into the Honeywell Total Connect app. Being able to easily check security status gives a busy person confidence that their home, family and/or business is safe and secure 24/7.

The Apple Watch app lets users arm and disarm their security system with a single tap. If the system is disarmed, they can choose to set it to either Armed Away or Armed Stay, and if it’s armed, they can press the disarm button to immediately disarm it. When arming, they can bypass any open zones from their Apple Watch. Most importantly, should the system go into alarm, the app will display the type of alarm (security, fire, CO or medical) and allow the user to disarm it when appropriate with their four-digit code. Watch the video above to see these and more features in action.

The usage of the Honeywell Security Total Connect Apple Watch app has skyrocketed, and we encourage you to discuss the benefits on your sales calls.