Flat Panel TV Calibration

hdtv-calibrationMost people think that the new flat-panel television they just purchased is adjusted perfectly right out of the box, with no need for any more adjusting.  They think wrong.

Television manufacturers purposely adjust their sets at the factory to jump out at you on the showroom floor, vying for your video dollars. It’s their way of saying “buy me”.  There is a video standard, called D65, or 6500 degrees Kelvin, to which all video produced for films and television adheres.  This is the standard that flat panel tv calibration seeks to find, and does.

You may say “It looks fine to me” however, here are some facts to consider:

  1. The human eye sees the color blue as bright. Guess which color is cranked up to almost max on most sets? Not only that, but on most sets that control is unavailable to the user.
  2. Contrast and picture mode are usually set on something called “Vivid”, or something similar. Calibrators call it “Torch Mode”
  3. Adjusted this way, you are missing detail and resolution. Most grass isn’t  that green.

Leaving the set un-calibrated can result in the following:

  1. An early demise of your set, as it is being run “full bore” all the time.
  2. Unnecessarily high electric bills.  It takes more power to produce those “vivid” colors.
  3. Unnatural looking pictures, with no detail and reduced resolution.

What can you do?

The solution is simple.  Calibrations of your system, to ISF standards, can un-do all the mischief that the marketing guys build in to every set.  It is the least expensive, most bang for the buck accessory you can get for your system.  Bob Bentley has trained with Joel Silver, founder of ISF, and guru of all things video. We use Sencore and Calman equipment and software for the best outcome possible.

High Quality Installation

Bentley Systems has the installation wisdom and expertise to make your system as easy and intuitive as possible to operate.  This ability is designed into the best system  that you can easily use – day after day.  Let our decades of experience create a system that you want  to use and enjoy.