Customer Testimonials

As a health care office design specialist, I deal with a very discriminating clientele. I am pleased to say that I have relied on the skills and expertise of Bob Bentley to serve the specialty needs of these clients for at least ten years. His product knowledge and work-ethic are unparalleled. In kind, he offers great diversity in his services: adeptly providing sound systems; IT, phone and inter-office communications; security and “whole-house”, remote operations. I am grateful that he is currently providing these services for a very high-profile client. I have total confidence in referring Bob to anyone.

On a side note, Bob is a fellow Rotarian and has become a valued friend.
-Garrett B. Ludwig, President Diversified Design Technologies.

I have been working with Bob for at least 10 years, in 3 different homes, and would have no one else!!! He is punctual, very accommodating in his hours, and only uses the best equipment. The latest project on my new residence included Bose home theater in my finished basement, upgrading my security system to wireless, and installing home audio with Sonos which sounds incredible. He gives all the options to make an informed decision and his recommendations have never left me unsatisfied.
-Henry Janssen, Residential Customer, Security & Home Audio System

I was looking for a wireless speaker system for my home. Knowing how many options that were available and not being an expert myself, I contacted Bentley Systems. Bob, the owner, provided several options at great prices. I finally settled on a Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 and it is absolutely fantastic!! The sound quality is unbelievable and can fill my entire house. I would have never found such a great product going to a big store or online. I would highly recommend Bentley Systems for all of your home audio needs!
-Jon Barton, Residential Customer, Home Audio System

Bob Bentley did a very good job rehabilitating my 12-year-old Bose-based home theatre and central sound system. The older, complicated system was beginning to intermittently fail and the original installer had gone out of business. Given the complexity and age of this original system, I was afraid I’d never find a sound system expert who could properly understand the current system, diagnose and repair it’s failing parts, keep the performing parts and update the functionality of the overall system. After a number of failed attempts to find a home theatre business in my area that would even look at my complex problem (they all wanted to start over with a completely new system costing much more than I wanted to spend), I was fortunate to find Bob and Bentley Electronics just a couple towns away. He properly diagnosed my system problems, fixed those problems, kept what was working and added updated functionality to my whole system basically making it like new again. All this at a reasonable price because he was willing to keep large parts of the system that worked properly. And the system is better now than before because it has controls my wife can now understand and operate relieving me of having to operate everything. I highly recommend Bob and his Bentley Electronic Systems to anyone needing a reasonably priced home theatre and or central sound system expert.
-David McCary, Residential Customer, Home Theater Installation

I used Bob to install a beautiful TV and Bose sound system in my home. He did an outstanding job, and I would recommend Bob highly!
-Jeff Lederman, Residential Customer, TV & Home Theater Installation

I’ve worked with Bentley Electronics for several years. I have engaged Bob Bentley and his team to perform work related to audio, video, security and alarm systems. Bob has always demonstrated the ability to provide quality service, great equipment and a fair price. Bob stands behind his work, and has stood behind the products he recommends 100%. I highly recommend Bob Bentley of Bentley Electronics.
-Steve Weir, Manager, American Integrity Restoration

Bob Bentley did a fantastic job of advising us and helping us set up the technology in our new office. His service and timeliness made the process much easier for us while we were working with many different trades people. We are very happy with our theater, security system, sound system and the TV’s throughout our new office. Bob’s advice on how to set things up and his skill in getting things to work well, so our team members can attend to their regular responsibilities, made his service inv
-Richard T. Risinger, DDS, MS, Risinger Orthodontics