Business Security System Installation

CCTV & DVR Solutions

commercial-security-system-installationBentley Systems can provide user-friendly systems, that can be controlled remotely, view recordings and monitor alarms.

  • Remote Monitoring – Digital Video Recorders allow business owners to securely view and schedule recordings for the cameras inside their business or from a remote location. Our products are designed to be integrated with existing alarm systems and can begin recording at the moment an alarm is detected or they can record using motion sensing within the field of the cameras. The business owner can be notified on their personal handheld devise or through e-mail with a snapshot of the problem area.
  • Surveillance – Digital Video Recorders are valuable for day-to-day use as well. They can monitor cleaning crews and other after hours employees. When the business is in operation, set the DVR to record when it detects motion in a parking lot or at the door and identify the face of a friend or intruder. Because most products have unique user passwords, only authorized people can view the cameras or change the settings.
  • Simple and Reliable – Digital Video Recorders can be used with or without a computer and some are as easy to operate as a VCR. The user interface for the software is intuitive and complete. Unlike taped images, digital surveillance recordings are clear and do not deteriorate over time.

Networked Digital Video Recorders

Retail chains, convenience stores, and businesses alike can afford networked digital video surveillance and actually improve their profits. Digital Video Recorders will save business owners money through loss prevention, security, insurance liabilities and improved store management.

  • Theft Prevention – Network Digital Video Recorders assure business owners that their employees, customers and assets are being monitored at all times. Monitors can be set up inside the business at key points to alert customers and personnel that they are being recorded. Most Digital Video Recorders work with existing security systems and have the capability to notify the store owner or security professional on a personal handheld device when an alarm is triggered or motion is detected. A message and clear image is sent so that the alarm can be verified and recording begins immediately.
  • Monitoring – Business owners can view one or more of their stores securely from any computer with Internet access.  This helps monitor customer flow and worker productivity. Managers have the option to view the store in real time from a remote location, or record the day’s activities for review later. Video clips can be e-mailed to corporate headquarters, displayed at productivity meetings and cataloged for future comparison if needed.


Bentley Systems provides a wide range of wireless technologies, whether in a remote location where it would not be feasible to run video cabling (Parking Lots or from building to building) or in a secret location where cables should not be visible.


Bentley Systems has been monitoring security system since the 1980’s. Back then the only way to monitor an alarm system was via a landline service. That isn’t the case anymore. Sure, you can still use a landline, but technology now includes both cellular and internet options. Many people today are cutting the landline loose and going with cellular only, but most people are using cellular as a backup should their phone line go down, either due to lack of service from their phone provider, or a perpetrator cutting their phone line.

Bentley systems monitors systems for fire, burglary, and holdup/duress for $24.95 per month for landline service, much less than the industry leaders charge. Internet and cellular service are available at a higher cost.

Bentley Systems is fully insured, licensed by the State of CT, and certified in many of these technologies.