Building Automation System Installation

building automation system installationOur custom approach to a commercial automation system allows you to control lights, temperature, audio/video systems, and just about anything. Systems based on a security network know if you are at your business or away, which door is open, and whether it is dark or light outside, then adjust your business accordingly.

All of this control is accessed through system keypads and remote controls located conveniently in your business. Or you can control your system from your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) or PC/Mac. The system is easy to use, saves you energy, money, and makes your life safer and more enjoyable.

Today’s industry standards for automation and control systems are Control 4 and Lutron. These systems can control your audio/video, lighting, HVAC, security, communications, and everything else imaginable from easy to use interfaces. From wall mounted keypads, touchpanels, wireless devices, or your PC.

Their powerful programming features can activate the most demanding A/V system with ease, close your blinds to help control temperature, check e-mail, surf the web, or let you check the weather before you prepare for your out of town meeting!

You can control anything in your business with a Control 4 or Lutron system.