High-End Electronic Products

A/V, Security, and Automation Products Offered by Bentley Electronic Systems

Bentley Systems strives to offer our clients the best quality and highest performing cutting-edge products available. The following is a list of Top Brands most often suggested to our discriminating client list. At Bentley’s we are always on the hunt for new technology, so be assured your new installation will be based on the latest components and systems available.

cambridge audio dealer in ctCambridge Audio: Since releasing their iconic P40 amplifier in 1968 Cambridge Audio has pursued one simple objective: to produce audio equipment that faithfully creates a pure and natural sound. Whilst their contemporaries in America like heavier bass in their playback and often Asian brands emphasise a mid-range mix to carry vocals, Cambridge Audio is sold on the unfiltered, unadulterated ‘British Sound’.

Website: www.cambridgeaudio.com

integra audio bentley electronic systemsIntegra: One of the most prestigious of brands, and one I have been trying to get for a long time, is Integra. Integra is a small division of Onkyo. Being much smaller than its parent, Integra gets the highest performing parts and build quality. Connections, inputs and outputs are designed for the custom audio dealer, and offer much more opportunity for the dealer to seamlessly integrate into your particular system.


boseBose: From the most trusted name in audio, we handle the Lifestyle and the exclusive Built-Invisible product. The BIV builds everything into the walls and the floor, for an almost invisible look. Think again if you don’t think Bose knows sound.


tru audioTruAudio: This company was started by installers, so they know what features to build into their products. Tru started with in-wall speakers, arguably the best sounding ones out there at a reasonable price. From there they have grown to include subwoofers, cables, cabinet speakers, and racks.


marantz-bentley-electronic-system1Marantz: One of the oldest audio companies there is. Started by Saul Marantz, the brand has continued its tradition of great audio quality at moderate prices.

Website: www.us.marantz.com

SonosSonos: What is Sonos, you ask? Where have you been? Sonos is the pre-eminent internet music player system, ranging from a line out player, called Connect and Connect- Amp if you need power for speakers. Now they offer self contained players, amps, and speakers all in one compact package. These are the Play series, the 3 and the 5.Not only will it play the thousands of world wide internet radio stations at no charge, but you can access music off pc’s on your network, as well as have industry music services such as Rhapsody, Pandora, Sirius Internet radio, etc for a small charge every month. The “coolest” item we have! With the latest software release, you can stream music directly from your “I” or Android device directly to the Sonos Connect. No more iPod docks.


yamahaYamaha: Yamaha has been known over the years as having the best DSP surround processing. Yamaha actually goes out to recording venues around the world, and records the “ambiance” of churches, night clubs, etc. and incorporates their sound into their surround processing. Of particular note is their line of Digital Sound Projectors, aka sound-bars. With up to 42 separate speakers, each with their own separate amplifier and crossover, Yamaha manages to wrap the sound around you, including the rear channels, all from a single point. Uncanny.


Soundcast bentley electronic systemsSoundcast: Remarkable wireless audio systems that will play your IPOD outdoors wirelessly. One charge will last almost ten hours, and the sound quality is awesome. Perfect for the patio or deck. You can also control the IPOD remotely.


LG bentley electronic systemsLG: What attracts me to this line is not only the picture quality, but the built in ISF video calibration capability, from the 26” and up. This gives you the ability to fine tune the picture to how it is supposed to look, not how the manufacturer adjusts the set at the factory. See video calibration service under “Services” for more information.


epson bentley electronic systemsEpson: From the number one producer of LCD projectors in the world, Epson is known around the world as a producer who sweats the details of how a picture should look.


Control4 bentley electronic systemsControl 4: Automation gives you the ability to control your security system, and send an email to you when your child gets home from school. You can control the security system, lighting, climate, sprinkler system , etc  all from one point, that being either an in-wall touch panel, a wireless touch panel, or your IPAD, IPOD, or IPhone.  Now you can also view and control, down to individual circuit level, your energy use and consumption. It will even calculate any savings your are able to achieve. Did you know if you reduce your lighting level to 80%, instead of 100%, that you can’t tell the difference in brightness, but you can save substantial money for each bulb. In the not so far future, your refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc will be just another device on your home network. You will be able to stop, start, monitor,  schedule, and automate systems in your home as never before.


Lutron bentley electronic systemsLutron: When you think about lighting control, Lutron is the brand that first comes to mind. Whether it is a single room, or the whole house, Lutron does it with style and quality. We can also now do Lutron  Honeycomb shading.  It can be tied into a C4 system to happen automatically.  Lutron lighting control does more than just make your room look good, it can save you money, serious money. By just bringing your lighting level down to 80% from 100%, you will realize serious cost saving in your energy expenses. Even better, your eye can not perceive the difference in light output from 100% down to 80%.


Shading Control: Now we can interface your motorized shades into any home system. Want to close the shades at noon because too much light obscures the television picture, but want them open at 3pm? No problem, and don’t worry about time changes or different seasons. The controllers now have astronomical time clocks built in to make operation as worry free and seamless as possible.

System Control: These used to be called remote controls, but they now can do so much, they have been  renamed as system controls.  For the system that doesn’t require too much control, we offer the Logitech Harmony remote. Systems which require more horsepower will benefit from either  RTI, Control 4, or Prodigy by Crestron systems.

bluebolt panamax bentley electronic systemsBluebolt by Panamax: This surge suppressor has all the ingredients a fine surge suppressor has, but it also has the ability to monitor the amount of current a device is drawing, schedule that device to reboot automatically at any time, and it is all monitored via the web. Your dealer can access any device plugged into the unit, and reboot it automatically, over the web.


We have been doing security systems for over thirty years. The last few years have seen the largest amount of change we have seen in a long time. We have stayed with the same companies for years for a simple reason- we want to be as familiar with a security systems capabilities and features as possible, so we am able to offer the latest in protection.  See the latest below.

Honeywell bentley electronic systemsHoneywell: This used to be called Ademco, before they were purchased by Honeywell. Back when I was the Northeast security contractor for Dairy Mart stores, the only brand of panel that would communicate with their central station was Ademco. At the time I was using Napco, which I still have in my own home, and is still a fine brand. Overnight I had to learn how Ademco  installed and programmed for Dairy Mart. I really got to like it, and I switched over all my installations to Ademco.  Their wireless systems and  components are about the most reliable in the industry (I wish wireless audio and video was as good).  They also now have talking keypads and keypads that look impressive on your wall.


uplink bentley electronic systemsUplink: In the case of an existing system, the Uplink acts as a backup, meaning that if you loose phone service or are being tampered with, the system will automatically switch over and send the signals to the central station without a phone line. Certain models can also report to central station via the internet. Many people are now giving up their land line telephone service and going with cell phones for voice.  In the past you would have had to give up security system monitoring if you did this, now, it doesn’t matter. In addition to the standard central station monitoring service, there is an additional monthly charge (14.95 per month) for the cellular service.  This is not the same as your cell-phone service. It is a different  service.

Website: https://www.uplink.com/

You can amass the best wireless and wired products known to mankind, the “I” and Android devices. Question is, can they all work on your existing network? The more devices you want to use, either wirelessly or wired, the stronger your network has to be. That $59.00 router off the shelf isn’t going to cut it. These are consumer grade devices that are made to work out of the box and support four wired devices and some wireless.

What’s needed for a robust network is enterprise grade networking equipment. These devices have the build quality and performance necessary to run a home or business filled with wired and wireless devices. Many automation companies, including Control 4, have a recommended networking equipment list. Guess what? There isn’t a $59.00 router on the list.

pakedge bentley electronic systemsPakedge: This line includes routers, switches, access points, and power management equipment.  Pakedge  products are strictly for the custom design industry. You won’t find them on a shelf at a big box store. Ive picked this brand because of their quality and performance.

Website: https://www.pakedge.com/